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14.3.1 Target Selection

This section describes the target selection menus.

Figure 14.2 Target Selectors

Home button and two Target Selector drop-down menus, Global Summaries and All Targets.

The target selection menus enable you to filter the information displayed in the selected view. You can filter on individual assets, such as instances or hosts, or you can filter by groups and topologies, viewing information on all, or one, of the contents of the selected group, topology, or cluster. The filter uses the following criteria:

  • Global Summaries: select one of the following possible groupings:

    • Groups: filter by group. Select a group to view only the information collected for the selected group's assets.

    • Replication Topologies: filter by replication topology. Select a topology to view only the information collected for the selected topology's assets.

    • InnoDB Clusters: filter by InnoDB cluster.


      Group Replications are also listed under InnoDB Clusters.

    • NDB Clusters: filter by NDB cluster.

  • All Targets: select one of the assets contained by the selection made in Global Summaries, or any one of the monitored assets if no selection was made in Global Summaries.


You can select the required asset or group from the list, or search for the asset by typing the first few characters of the asset's name. The list is filtered based on the characters entered.

To cancel the changes and reset the filters, press Esc.


If the asset selection is not supported by the view, a message is displayed explaining why it cannot be displayed. For example, if you select a group, while viewing a Topology, the following message is displayed: The current selection does not support the Topology view. Please select a Replication or Cluster topology.