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16.5 Filtering MySQL Instances

To search for specific instances, click the filter icon. The filter is displayed. For information on the named filters, see Section 14.3.5, “System and User-defined Filters”.

Figure 16.4 MySQL Instance Filter

Content is described in the surrounding text.

Table 16.8 MySQL Instance Filter

Name Description

Server Name

Search on full or partial name of the server.

Server UUID

Search on the UUID of the server.

Server ID

Search on the server_id.

Query Analyzer

Search for servers on which the Query Analyzer is enabled, or not.

MySQL Version

Search for specific MySQL version numbers.

Agent Version

Search for specific MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent version numbers.

Operating System

Search on the Operating Systems on which the server is installed.

The Agent Version and MySQL Version fields support the use of range operators (>, < =), enabling you to define ranges of versions to filter on. For example, setting MySQL Version to <=5.1 returns all MySQL instances older than MySQL 5.1.


Filtering on MySQL or Agent version uses a regular expression which does not support the use of partial version numbers, such as "5.". 5 or 5.6 return a result, if such versions are in use, but a partial version returns an error.