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20.2 Agent Advisors

This section describes the expression-based Agent Advisors.

MySQL Agent Memory Usage Excessive

The memory needed by the MySQL Agent for basic monitoring is fairly small and consistent, and depends on the number of rules you have enabled. However, when the Query Analyzer is enabled, the Agent can use significantly more memory to monitor and analyze whatever queries you direct through it. In this case, the amount of memory used depends on the number of unique normalized queries, example queries and example explains being processed, plus the network bandwidth required to send query data to the Service Manager. In general, the amount of memory used for the Query Analyzer is small and well-bounded, but under some circumstances it can become excessive, especially on older versions of Linux.

Default frequency 00:01:00

Default auto-close enabled no

MySQL Agent Not Reachable

In order to monitor a MySQL server, a Service Agent must be running and communicating with the Service Manager. If the Agent cannot communicate with the Service Manager, the Service Manager has no way of knowing if the MySQL database server being monitored is running, and it cannot collect current statistics to properly evaluate the rules scheduled against that server.

Default frequency 00:00:01

Default auto-close enabled yes