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To invoke the text object editor, double-click a text object on the EER Diagram canvas. This opens the editor docked at the bottom of the application. Double-clicking the text object table undocks the editor. Double-click the title bar to redock it. Any number of text objects may be open at the same time. Each additional text objects appears as a tab at the top of the text editor.

Use the editor to change the name of a text object or its contents. Modifying a Text Object Using the Properties Palette

When you select a text object on the EER Diagram canvas, its properties are displayed in the Properties palette. Most of the properties accessible from the Properties palette apply to the appearance of a view on the EER Diagram canvas.

For a list of properties accessible through the Properties palette, see Section, “The Properties Palette”.

There is no property in the Properties palette for changing the font used by a text object. To do so, choose the Appearance tab of the Workbench Preferences dialog. For more information, see Preferences: Modeling: Appearance.

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