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MySQL Workbench Manual  /  ...  /  Creating a Foreign Key Creating a Foreign Key

Select the table tool again and place another table on the canvas. Name this table invoice_item. Next click the 1:n Non-Identifying Relationship tool.

First, click the invoice_item table; notice that a red border indicates that this table is selected. Next, click the invoice table. This creates a foreign key in the invoice_item table, the table on the many side of the relationship. This relationship between the two tables is shown graphically in crow's foot notation.

Revert to the default mouse pointer by clicking the arrow at the top of the vertical toolbar. Click on the invoice_item table and select the Foreign keys tab.

Click the Foreign key Name field. The referenced table should show in the Referenced Table column and the appropriate column in the Referenced Column column.

To delete the relationship between two tables, click the line joining the tables and then press Control+Delete.

Experiment with the other tools on the vertical toolbar. Delete a relationship by selecting the eraser tool and clicking the line joining two tables. Create a view, add a text object, or add a layer.

Save your changes to a MySQL Workbench model file (.mwb extension) by choosing Save from the File menu or by using the keyboard command Control+S.