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9.5.2 Compare and Report Differences in Catalogs

This facility enables you to create a report detailing the differences between your MySQL Workbench model, and a live database or script. Choose Database, Compare Schemas from the main menu to run the Compare and Report Differences in Catalogs wizard.

The first step in the wizard is to specify which catalogs to compare. For example, you may wish to compare your live database against your current MySQL Workbench model.

Figure 9.56 Catalog Sources Selection

Catalog Sources Selection

You then proceed through the wizard, providing connection information if accessing a live database. The wizard then produces a catalog diff report showing the differences between the compared catalogs.

Figure 9.57 Catalog Differences Report

Catalog Differences Report

User Comments
  Posted by Jonas Stevnsvig on August 3, 2014
To clarify: this option is only available on the model tabs. Not in the connection tabs.
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