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PDF (A4) - 17.0Mb The Layers Palette

This palette shows all of the layers and figures on an EER diagram. If a layer or figure is currently selected, an X appears beside the name of the object and its properties are displayed in the Properties palette. This is useful when determining the selected objects multiple objects were selected using the options under the Select menu item. For more information on this topic, see Section, “The Edit Menu”.

Selecting an object in the Layers palette also adjusts the view port to the area of the canvas where the object is located. Finding Invisible Objects Using the Layers Palette

In some circumstances, you may want to make an object on an EER diagram invisible. Select the object and, in the Properties palette, set the visible property to False.

The Layer palette provides an easy way to locate an object, such as a relationship, that has been set to hidden. Open the Layers palette and select the object by double-clicking it. You can then edit the object and change its visibility setting to Fully Visible.