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MySQL 8.4 Reference Manual  /  ...  /  Group Replication Functions

14.18.1 Group Replication Functions

The functions described in the following sections are used with Group Replication.

Table 14.25 Group Replication Functions

Name Description
group_replication_disable_member_action() Disable member action for event specified
group_replication_enable_member_action() Enable member action for event specified
group_replication_get_communication_protocol() Get version of group replication communication protocol currently in use
group_replication_get_write_concurrency() Get maximum number of consensus instances currently set for group
group_replication_reset_member_actions() Reset all member actions to defaults and configuration version number to 1
group_replication_set_as_primary() Make a specific group member the primary
group_replication_set_communication_protocol() Set version for group replication communication protocol to use
group_replication_set_write_concurrency() Set maximum number of consensus instances that can be executed in parallel
group_replication_switch_to_multi_primary_mode() Changes the mode of a group running in single-primary mode to multi-primary mode
group_replication_switch_to_single_primary_mode() Changes the mode of a group running in multi-primary mode to single-primary mode