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14.16.1 Spatial Function Reference

The following table lists each spatial function and provides a short description of each one.

Table 14.21 Spatial Functions

Name Description
GeomCollection() Construct geometry collection from geometries
GeometryCollection() Construct geometry collection from geometries
LineString() Construct LineString from Point values
MBRContains() Whether MBR of one geometry contains MBR of another
MBRCoveredBy() Whether one MBR is covered by another
MBRCovers() Whether one MBR covers another
MBRDisjoint() Whether MBRs of two geometries are disjoint
MBREquals() Whether MBRs of two geometries are equal
MBRIntersects() Whether MBRs of two geometries intersect
MBROverlaps() Whether MBRs of two geometries overlap
MBRTouches() Whether MBRs of two geometries touch
MBRWithin() Whether MBR of one geometry is within MBR of another
MultiLineString() Contruct MultiLineString from LineString values
MultiPoint() Construct MultiPoint from Point values
MultiPolygon() Construct MultiPolygon from Polygon values
Point() Construct Point from coordinates
Polygon() Construct Polygon from LineString arguments
ST_Area() Return Polygon or MultiPolygon area
ST_AsBinary(), ST_AsWKB() Convert from internal geometry format to WKB
ST_AsGeoJSON() Generate GeoJSON object from geometry
ST_AsText(), ST_AsWKT() Convert from internal geometry format to WKT
ST_Buffer() Return geometry of points within given distance from geometry
ST_Buffer_Strategy() Produce strategy option for ST_Buffer()
ST_Centroid() Return centroid as a point
ST_Collect() Aggregate spatial values into collection
ST_Contains() Whether one geometry contains another
ST_ConvexHull() Return convex hull of geometry
ST_Crosses() Whether one geometry crosses another
ST_Difference() Return point set difference of two geometries
ST_Dimension() Dimension of geometry
ST_Disjoint() Whether one geometry is disjoint from another
ST_Distance() The distance of one geometry from another
ST_Distance_Sphere() Minimum distance on earth between two geometries
ST_EndPoint() End Point of LineString
ST_Envelope() Return MBR of geometry
ST_Equals() Whether one geometry is equal to another
ST_ExteriorRing() Return exterior ring of Polygon
ST_FrechetDistance() The discrete Fréchet distance of one geometry from another
ST_GeoHash() Produce a geohash value
ST_GeomCollFromText(), ST_GeometryCollectionFromText(), ST_GeomCollFromTxt() Return geometry collection from WKT
ST_GeomCollFromWKB(), ST_GeometryCollectionFromWKB() Return geometry collection from WKB
ST_GeometryN() Return N-th geometry from geometry collection
ST_GeometryType() Return name of geometry type
ST_GeomFromGeoJSON() Generate geometry from GeoJSON object
ST_GeomFromText(), ST_GeometryFromText() Return geometry from WKT
ST_GeomFromWKB(), ST_GeometryFromWKB() Return geometry from WKB
ST_HausdorffDistance() The discrete Hausdorff distance of one geometry from another
ST_InteriorRingN() Return N-th interior ring of Polygon
ST_Intersection() Return point set intersection of two geometries
ST_Intersects() Whether one geometry intersects another
ST_IsClosed() Whether a geometry is closed and simple
ST_IsEmpty() Whether a geometry is empty
ST_IsSimple() Whether a geometry is simple
ST_IsValid() Whether a geometry is valid
ST_LatFromGeoHash() Return latitude from geohash value
ST_Latitude() Return latitude of Point
ST_Length() Return length of LineString
ST_LineFromText(), ST_LineStringFromText() Construct LineString from WKT
ST_LineFromWKB(), ST_LineStringFromWKB() Construct LineString from WKB
ST_LineInterpolatePoint() The point a given percentage along a LineString
ST_LineInterpolatePoints() The points a given percentage along a LineString
ST_LongFromGeoHash() Return longitude from geohash value
ST_Longitude() Return longitude of Point
ST_MakeEnvelope() Rectangle around two points
ST_MLineFromText(), ST_MultiLineStringFromText() Construct MultiLineString from WKT
ST_MLineFromWKB(), ST_MultiLineStringFromWKB() Construct MultiLineString from WKB
ST_MPointFromText(), ST_MultiPointFromText() Construct MultiPoint from WKT
ST_MPointFromWKB(), ST_MultiPointFromWKB() Construct MultiPoint from WKB
ST_MPolyFromText(), ST_MultiPolygonFromText() Construct MultiPolygon from WKT
ST_MPolyFromWKB(), ST_MultiPolygonFromWKB() Construct MultiPolygon from WKB
ST_NumGeometries() Return number of geometries in geometry collection
ST_NumInteriorRing(), ST_NumInteriorRings() Return number of interior rings in Polygon
ST_NumPoints() Return number of points in LineString
ST_Overlaps() Whether one geometry overlaps another
ST_PointAtDistance() The point a given distance along a LineString
ST_PointFromGeoHash() Convert geohash value to POINT value
ST_PointFromText() Construct Point from WKT
ST_PointFromWKB() Construct Point from WKB
ST_PointN() Return N-th point from LineString
ST_PolyFromText(), ST_PolygonFromText() Construct Polygon from WKT
ST_PolyFromWKB(), ST_PolygonFromWKB() Construct Polygon from WKB
ST_Simplify() Return simplified geometry
ST_SRID() Return spatial reference system ID for geometry
ST_StartPoint() Start Point of LineString
ST_SwapXY() Return argument with X/Y coordinates swapped
ST_SymDifference() Return point set symmetric difference of two geometries
ST_Touches() Whether one geometry touches another
ST_Transform() Transform coordinates of geometry
ST_Union() Return point set union of two geometries
ST_Validate() Return validated geometry
ST_Within() Whether one geometry is within another
ST_X() Return X coordinate of Point
ST_Y() Return Y coordinate of Point