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Update MySQL Configuration

Update the MySQL configuration for a DB System. This will change the user configurable system variables for the DB System to the values in the new configuration. See User Configurable System Variables.


Any change to the configuration for a DB System cannot change the system initialization variables. See System Initialization Variables.

The MySQL HeatWave Console only shows alternative configurations that support the DB System shape. If a DB System has a HeatWave Cluster attached, MySQL HeatWave Console only shows configurations that support HeatWave. To change the configuration to one that does not support HeatWave, first remove the HeatWave Cluster.

If the new configuration changes any system variables that are not dynamic, then the MySQL database process, mysqld, will require a restart. If the DB System has an attached HeatWave Cluster, it will restart and reload data from the DB System.

To update the MySQL configuration for a DB System:

  1. In the MySQL HeatWave Console, select the MySQL tab.

  2. On the DB Systems tab, in the list of DB Systems, find the DB System to edit, and do one of the following:

    • Click on the row of the DB System to highlight it, and choose Update MySQL Configuration from the Actions menu.

    • Click the name of the DB System to open the DB System Details page. Click the Update MySQL Configuration button.

  3. Click Change.

  4. Select the preferred MySQL configuration, and click Apply MySQL Configuration.

  5. Click Update to save the changes.

    If any problems occur updating the configuration, the DB System will roll back to the previous configuration.