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3.4.2 Editing a DB System

Use the Console to edit a DB System, and update the details about the DB System, the maintenance window, the backup policy, or the data import role ARN.

This task requires the following:

  • (For data import feature only) Permissions to assume the data import role.

Do the following to edit a DB System:

  1. In the HeatWave Console, select the HeatWave MySQL tab.
  2. On the DB Systems tab, in the list of DB Systems, find the DB System to edit, and do one of the following:
    • Click on the row of the DB System to highlight it, and choose Edit DB System from the Actions menu.
    • Click the name of the DB System to open the DB System Details page. Click the Edit DB System button.
  3. Basic information: Edit the name and description of the DB System:
    • Display Name: Edit the display name for the DB System.
    • Description: Edit the user friendly description for the DB System.
  4. Maintenance Window: Edit the start time for the maintenance window. The maintenance window is a two-hour period specified in Coordinated Universal Time, UTC. When an update is available, HeatWave on AWS initiates it during this window. The time required to apply patches and updates may extend beyond the maintenance window and require a DB System restart. See Maintenance.
    • Select Automatic for HeatWave on AWS to choose the Start day and Start time.
    • Select Manual to specify the maintenance window Start day and Start time.
  5. Backup policy: Edit the backup retention period, and the start time for automatic backups.
    • Select Enable Automatic Backups for HeatWave on AWS to take backups. Automatic backups are optional. The retention period is from 1 to 35 days for automatic backups, with a default of 7 days. An automatic backup will start during the hour following the Backup start time, if this is set. The default time to start an automatic backup is a time between 11:00 and 07:00 UTC, and will be the same time every day.
    • Set a retention period between 1 and 35 days.
    • Select Select Backup Window to set a preferred time to start a backup.
    • Set the Backup start time.
  6. IAM roles:
  7. Click Save.