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3.3.5 Upgrade MySQL Version


It is not possible to roll back a DB System upgrade. It is recommended to perform a full backup of the DB System before upgrading. See Creating a Backup.

See Server Versioning. The available options will depend upon the current version. These include:

  • Do not change

    This option is always available, and shows the current version. For instance: 8.0.27-u2-cloud.

  • Update

    This option is only available if the current version is still supported. Updates happen automatically during the Maintenance Window, see Editing a DB System. This option provides a manual update.

  • A more recent MySQL version

    This option is only available if a more recent version, or versions, is available. It shows the version number, for instance, 8.0.28 or 8.0.29.

To upgrade the MySQL version:

  1. In the MySQL HeatWave Console, select the MySQL tab.

  2. On the DB Systems tab, in the list of DB Systems, find the DB System to edit, and do one of the following:

    • Click on the row of the DB System to highlight it, and choose Upgrade MySQL Version from the Actions menu.

    • Click the name of the DB System to open the DB System Details page. Click the Upgrade MySQL Version button.

  3. Choose one of the options:

    • Do not change: Choose this option to ignore any update or upgrade option.

    • Update: Choose this option to update the current version.

    • A more recent MySQL version : Choose this option to upgrade to a more recent version.