MySQL HeatWave on AWS  /  Running Queries

9 Running Queries

The Workspaces tab in the MySQL HeatWave Console provides a Query Editor for running MySQL and HeatWave queries.


Queries can also be run from a MySQL client. See Connecting from a Client.

To run a query using the Query Editor:

  1. Connect to a DB System. For instructions, see Connecting from the Console.

  2. Enter a query into the Query Editor.

  3. Click Run Query.

    The query results are displayed in tabular format by default. You can select the JSON tab to view results in JSON format.

    For multi-statement queries, only the results of the last query are displayed.

    The Job Information tab provides the Job ID, the number of rows returned, and the query statement that was processed.

Query Editor Limitations

The Query Editor has the following limitations:

  • It is not intended for loading data into a DB System. More efficient methods of loading data into a DB System are available. For more information, see Importing Data.

  • Only results for the last executed query are displayed.

  • Multi-set results from calling stored procedures are not displayed. Only the last result is displayed.

  • Results from queries with SQL code comments might not be displayed accurately.

  • Long query results might be truncated.