HeatWave on AWS  /  User and Group Management

17 User and Group Management

HeatWave on AWS uses predefined OCI IAM groups and policies to manage access to the HeatWave Console. Predefined groups and policies are created when the service is provisioned. Defining your own groups and policies for HeatWave on AWS is currently not supported.

An Administrator grants access to the HeatWave Console by adding users to the predefined OCI IAM groups. User management is performed in the OCI Console. The policies associated with each group determine which resources that users can access and the permissions associated with those resources. HeatWave on AWS resources include DB Systems, DB System Backups, and HeatWave Clusters.


HeatWave on AWS supports federation with third-party Identity Providers (IdPs). For more information, see Federating with Identity Providers, in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure documentation.