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3.1.1 Supported Shapes

MySQL HeatWave on AWS supports the following MySQL and HeatWave node shapes.

Table 3-1 MySQL Shapes

Shape Name ECPUs vCPUs Memory (GiB)
MySQL.2.16GB 1 2 16
MySQL.4.32GB 2 4 32
MySQL.8.64GB 4 8 64
MySQL.32.256GB 16 32 256

Table 3-2 HeatWave Node Shapes

Shape Name Memory (GiB)
HeatWave.16GB 16
HeatWave.256GB 256
  • If you intend to use HeatWave AutoML functionality, the HeatWave.256GB node shape is recommended when creating a HeatWave Cluster. The HeatWave.16GB node shape may not have enough memory for training on large data sets. If you see error messages about this (such as ML003024), use the larger shape instead.