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MySQL HeatWave on AWS  /  Maintenance

Chapter 14 Maintenance

This section describes the maintenance of DB Systems and HeatWave.

Essential patching and maintenance is an automatic process that may include patching the underlying operating system, updating the MySQL Server version, and updating underlying hardware. Maintenance is initiated during the maintenance window defined when creating a DB System. The maintenance window start day and time can be viewed on the DB System Details page in the MySQL HeatWave on AWS Console. The maintenance window is a two hour period during which maintenance is initiated. The time required to apply patches and updates may extend beyond the maintenance window and require DB System restarts. See Section 3.4, “Viewing DB System Details”.

To change a DB System's Maintenance Window start day or start time, see Section 3.3.2, “Editing a DB System”.

When maintenance is performed, your DB System's status changes to UPDATING and the DB System may be unavailable for a short time while the maintenance completes.


DB Systems maintenance is performed only when the DB System is in an ACTIVE state, and the DB System is returned to the ACTIVE state after the maintenance completes.