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3.3.5 Increasing DB System Storage

DB System storage can be increased through a backup and restore operation or through an export and import operation. Both methods are described below.

Increasing Storage by Backup and Restore

To increase storage size using the backup and restore method:

  1. Create a backup of the DB System. See Section 10.1, “Creating a Backup”.

  2. Create a new DB System from the backup, and define a larger storage in the new DB System. See Section 10.3, “Restoring a Backup to a New DB System”.

Increasing Storage by Export and Import

To increase storage size using the import-export method:

  1. Export the data from your current DB System using MySQL Shell. See Section 6.3, “Exporting Data with MySQL Shell”.

  2. Use the MySQL HeatWave Console to create a new DB System with a larger storage size. See Section 3.2, “Creating a DB System”.

  3. Import the data into the new DB System using MySQL Shell. See Chapter 6, Importing Data.