MySQL HeatWave on AWS  /  Importing Data

6 Importing Data

You can import data to a DB System in MySQL HeatWave on AWS. If your data is present in a MySQL instance running on-premises, in other cloud vendors as managed or unmanaged services, or another MySQL HeatWave on AWS instance, you have to export the data first. See Exporting Data.

You can import data using either of the following:

  • Data import feature: Use the data import feature in the Console to import MySQL Shell dump and text files from an Amazon S3 bucket. See Data Import Feature.
  • Bulk ingest feature: Connect to the DB System and use the bulk ingest feature to import text files such as CSV and TSV from an Amazon S3 bucket. This method is the fastest and most efficient in terms of computing and memory consumption. This method is ideal for importing large tables. See Bulk Ingest Feature.
  • Dump loading utility: Use the dump loading utility of MySQL Shell to import a MySQL Shell dump manually. See Importing Data Using the Dump Loading Utility.

After importing data to a DB System in MySQL HeatWave on AWS, load data into HeatWave. See Loading or Unloading Data into HeatWave.