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The MySQL Server included in the MySQL HeatWave on AWS uses a versioning system consisting of three numbers, an update version, and the -cloud suffix. For example: 8.0.30-u1-cloud.

  • First number: The major release number.

  • Second number: The minor release number. Taken together, the major and minor numbers constitute the release series number.

  • Third number: The version number within the release series. This is incremented for each new release.

  • uN : The MySQL Server-specific update number. Fixes and feature development for the cloud version of MySQL Server are delivered according to a different schedule than the on-premise version.

  • cloud: suffix indicating this version of MySQL Server was built for the cloud, only.

To retrieve the MySQL Server version number, connect to your DB System using a MySQL client, and run SELECT @@version;. The following example shows the command and typical output:

mysql> SELECT @@version;
| @@version       |
| 8.0.30-u1-cloud |