MySQL HeatWave on AWS  /  Backups  /  Creating a Backup

12.1 Creating a Backup

To create a DB System backup:

  1. In the MySQL HeatWave Console, select the MySQL tab.

  2. On the DB Systems tab, in the list of DB Systems, find the DB System you want to create a backup for, and do one of the following:

    • Click on the row of the DB System to highlight it, and choose Create Backup from the Actions menu.

    • Click the name of the DB System to open the DB System Details page. Click Create Backup.

    The Create Backup dialog is displayed.

  3. Edit the fields in the Create Backup dialog as required:

    • Display Name: The name of the backup. Specify a name or use the generated one.

    • Description: The description of the backup. Specify a description or use the generated one.

  4. Click Create to create the backup.

  5. Under MySQL, select the Backups tab to view the backup you created. The backup state changes from Creating to Active when backup creation is completed successfully.