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MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual  /  ...  /  X Plugin Option and Variable Reference X Plugin Option and Variable Reference

This table provides an overview of the command options, and system and status variables provided by X Plugin.

Table 20.1 X Plugin Option and Variable Reference

Name Cmd-Line Option File System Var Status Var Var Scope Dynamic
mysqlx Yes Yes
Mysqlx_aborted_clients Yes Global No
Mysqlx_address Yes Global No
mysqlx_bind_address Yes Yes Yes Global No
Mysqlx_bytes_received Yes Both No
Mysqlx_bytes_sent Yes Both No
mysqlx_connect_timeout Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
Mysqlx_connection_accept_errors Yes Both No
Mysqlx_connection_errors Yes Both No
Mysqlx_connections_accepted Yes Global No
Mysqlx_connections_closed Yes Global No
Mysqlx_connections_rejected Yes Global No
Mysqlx_crud_create_view Yes Both No
Mysqlx_crud_delete Yes Both No
Mysqlx_crud_drop_view Yes Both No
Mysqlx_crud_find Yes Both No
Mysqlx_crud_insert Yes Both No
Mysqlx_crud_modify_view Yes Both No
Mysqlx_crud_update Yes Both No
mysqlx_document_id_unique_prefix Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
Mysqlx_errors_sent Yes Both No
Mysqlx_errors_unknown_message_type Yes Both No
Mysqlx_expect_close Yes Both No
Mysqlx_expect_open Yes Both No
mysqlx_idle_worker_thread_timeout Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
Mysqlx_init_error Yes Both No
mysqlx_interactive_timeout Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
mysqlx_max_allowed_packet Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
mysqlx_max_connections Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
mysqlx_min_worker_threads Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
Mysqlx_notice_global_sent Yes Both No
Mysqlx_notice_other_sent Yes Both No
Mysqlx_notice_warning_sent Yes Both No
Mysqlx_notified_by_group_replication Yes Both No
Mysqlx_port Yes Global No
mysqlx_port Yes Yes Yes Global No
mysqlx_port_open_timeout Yes Yes Yes Global No
mysqlx_read_timeout Yes Yes Yes Session Yes
Mysqlx_rows_sent Yes Both No
Mysqlx_sessions Yes Global No
Mysqlx_sessions_accepted Yes Global No
Mysqlx_sessions_closed Yes Global No
Mysqlx_sessions_fatal_error Yes Global No
Mysqlx_sessions_killed Yes Global No
Mysqlx_sessions_rejected Yes Global No
Mysqlx_socket Yes Global No
mysqlx_socket Yes Yes Yes Global No
Mysqlx_ssl_accept_renegotiates Yes Global No
Mysqlx_ssl_accepts Yes Global No
Mysqlx_ssl_active Yes Both No
mysqlx_ssl_ca Yes Yes Yes Global No
mysqlx_ssl_capath Yes Yes Yes Global No
mysqlx_ssl_cert Yes Yes Yes Global No
Mysqlx_ssl_cipher Yes Both No
mysqlx_ssl_cipher Yes Yes Yes Global No
Mysqlx_ssl_cipher_list Yes Both No
mysqlx_ssl_crl Yes Yes Yes Global No
mysqlx_ssl_crlpath Yes Yes Yes Global No
Mysqlx_ssl_ctx_verify_depth Yes Both No
Mysqlx_ssl_ctx_verify_mode Yes Both No
Mysqlx_ssl_finished_accepts Yes Global No
mysqlx_ssl_key Yes Yes Yes Global No
Mysqlx_ssl_server_not_after Yes Global No
Mysqlx_ssl_server_not_before Yes Global No
Mysqlx_ssl_verify_depth Yes Global No
Mysqlx_ssl_verify_mode Yes Global No
Mysqlx_ssl_version Yes Both No
Mysqlx_stmt_create_collection Yes Both No
Mysqlx_stmt_create_collection_index Yes Both No
Mysqlx_stmt_disable_notices Yes Both No
Mysqlx_stmt_drop_collection Yes Both No
Mysqlx_stmt_drop_collection_index Yes Both No
Mysqlx_stmt_enable_notices Yes Both No
Mysqlx_stmt_ensure_collection Yes Both No
Mysqlx_stmt_execute_mysqlx Yes Both No
Mysqlx_stmt_execute_sql Yes Both No
Mysqlx_stmt_execute_xplugin Yes Both No
Mysqlx_stmt_kill_client Yes Both No
Mysqlx_stmt_list_clients Yes Both No
Mysqlx_stmt_list_notices Yes Both No
Mysqlx_stmt_list_objects Yes Both No
Mysqlx_stmt_ping Yes Both No
mysqlx_wait_timeout Yes Yes Yes Session Yes
Mysqlx_worker_threads Yes Global No
Mysqlx_worker_threads_active Yes Global No
mysqlx_write_timeout Yes Yes Yes Session Yes

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