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The Connector/ODBC driver has been optimized to provide very fast performance. If you experience problems with the performance of Connector/ODBC, or notice a large amount of disk activity for simple queries, there are a number of aspects to check:

  • Ensure that ODBC Tracing is not enabled. With tracing enabled, a lot of information is recorded in the tracing file by the ODBC Manager. You can check, and disable, tracing within Windows using the Tracing panel of the ODBC Data Source Administrator. Within macOS, check the Tracing panel of ODBC Administrator. See Section 5.5.10, “Getting an ODBC Trace File”.

  • Make sure you are using the standard version of the driver, and not the debug version. The debug version includes additional checks and reporting measures.

  • Disable the Connector/ODBC driver trace and query logs. These options are enabled for each DSN, so make sure to examine only the DSN that you are using in your application. Within Windows, you can disable the Connector/ODBC and query logs by modifying the DSN configuration. Within macOS and Unix, ensure that the driver trace (option value 4) and query logging (option value 524288) are not enabled.