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Connectors and APIs Manual  /  ...  /  Installing the Windows Connector/ODBC Debug Packages Installing the Windows Connector/ODBC Debug Packages

The associated Debug files are bundled in its own Zip file, including two lib/ directories:

  • lib/: PDB files to use with regular builds; they are built in RelWithDebInfo mode.

  • Debug/lib/: Debug builds built in Debug mode; includes driver, PDB files, and unit tests in test/ subdirectory.


The separate debug Zip file was added in v8.0.31.

Add Debug Functionality to Regular Build

Download the debug zip and copy its lib/ contents to your driver installation directory; this adds the PDB files generated in the RelWithDebInfo build.


Regular builds are built with RelWithDebInfo so not all debugging information is available. For example, some variables might be optimized out.

Replace Regular Build with Debug Build

Manually copy Debug/lib/ files from the Zip package into the driver installation directory to replace the DLL and PDB files inside. No new driver registration is required.

Install an Independent Debug Build

This requires copying the plugin/ directory and dependency libraries (lib*.dll) from the regular driver build, and optionally copying additional authentication plugins (fido2.dll, libsasl.dll, and saslSCRAM.dll) depending on the plugins you use.

Register with the myodbc-installer command line tool from the regular driver bin/ sub-directory.