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PDF (A4) - 4.5Mb Using Connector/ODBC with ColdFusion

The following information is taken from the ColdFusion documentation:

Use the following information to configure ColdFusion Server for Linux to use the unixODBC driver with Connector/ODBC for MySQL data sources. You can download Connector/ODBC at

ColdFusion version 4.5.1 lets you use the ColdFusion Administrator to add the MySQL data source. However, the driver is not included with ColdFusion version 4.5.1. Before the MySQL driver appears in the ODBC data sources drop-down list, build and copy the Connector/ODBC driver to /opt/coldfusion/lib/

The Contrib directory contains the program which lets you build and remove the DSN registry file for the Connector/ODBC driver on ColdFusion applications.

For more information and guides on using ColdFusion and Connector/ODBC, see the following external sites: