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PDF (A4) - 4.1Mb Installing Connector/ODBC from a DEB Distribution

Connector/ODBC Debian packages (.deb files) are available (as of v8.0.20) for Debian or Debian-like Linux systems from the Connector/ODBC downloads page. The two package types are:

  • mysql-connector-odbc: This driver package installs MySQL ODBC driver libraries and the installer tool. It installs these files:


    Prerequisites: it depends on the unixODBC libraries (libodbc, libodbcinst).

    It installs and registers both the Unicode (MySQL ODBC 8.4 Unicode Driver) and ANSI (MySQL ODBC 8.4 ANSI Driver) drivers.

    This driver package does not conflict with the official Debian package libmyodbc. It is possible to install/uninstall/use both packages independently.

  • mysql-connector-odbc-setup: This setup package provides the GUI configuration widget library. It installs these files:


    The installation process registers the setup library for ODBC drivers with the ODBC manager.

The ${LibDir}, ${BinDir}, ${DocDir} locations used above should be the standard locations where DEB packages install libraries/executables/documentation. The library location contains architecture component, and here are example locations: