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3.3 Connector/J Installation

You can install the Connector/J package using either a binary or source distribution. While the binary distribution provides the easiest method for installation, the source distribution lets you customize your installation. Both types of distributions are available from the Connector/J Download page. The source code for Connector/J is also available on GitHub at

Connector/J is also available as a Maven artifact in the Central Repository. See Section 3.3.2, “Installing Connector/J Using Maven” for details.

If you are upgrading from a previous version, read the upgrade information in Section 3.3.4, “Upgrading from an Older Version” before continuing.


Third-party Libraries: According to how you use Connector/J 8.0, you may also need to install the following third-party libraries on your system for it to work:

  • Protocol Buffers (protobuf-java) 4.26.1 is required for using X DevAPI

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure SDK for Java (oci-java-sdk) 3.41.2 is required to support OCI AIM authentication

  • Simple Logging Facade API (slf4j-api) 2.0.13 is required for using the logging capabilities provided by the default implementation of org.slf4j.Logger.Slf4JLogger by Connector/J

These and other third-party libraries are required for building Connector/J from source—see the section for more information.