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Download this Manual Upgrading to MySQL Connector/J 8.0

Upgrading an application developed for Connector/J 5.1 to use Connector/J 8.0 might require certain changes to your code or the environment in which it runs. Here are some changes for Connector/J going from 5.1 to 8.0, for which adjustments might be required: Running on the Java 8 Platform

Connector/J 8.0 is created specifically to run on the Java 8 platform. While Java 8 is known to be strongly compatible with earlier Java versions, incompatibilities do exist, and code designed to work on Java 7 might need to be adjusted before being run on Java 8. Developers should refer to the incompatibility information provided by Oracle. Changes in Connection Properties

A complete list of Connector/J 8.0 connection properties are available in connector-j-reference-set-config. The following are connection properties that have been changed (removed, added, have their names changed, or have their default values changed) going from Connector/J 5.1 to 8.0.

Properties that have been removed (do not use them during connection):

  • useDynamicCharsetInfo

  • useBlobToStoreUTF8OutsideBMP , utf8OutsideBmpExcludedColumnNamePattern, and utf8OutsideBmpIncludedColumnNamePattern: MySQL 5.5 and later supports the utf8mb4 character set, which is the character set that should be used by Connector/J applications for supporting characters beyond the Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP) of Unicode Version 3.

  • useJvmCharsetConverters: JVM character set conversion is now used in all cases

  • The following date and time properties:

    • dynamicCalendars

    • noTzConversionForTimeType

    • noTzConversionForDateType

    • cacheDefaultTimezone

    • useFastIntParsing

    • useFastDateParsing

    • useJDBCCompliantTimezoneShift

    • useLegacyDatetimeCode

    • useSSPSCompatibleTimezoneShift

    • useTimezone

    • useGmtMillisForDatetimes

  • dumpMetadataOnColumnNotFound

  • relaxAutoCommit

  • strictFloatingPoint

  • runningCTS13

  • retainStatementAfterResultSetClose

  • nullNamePatternMatchesAll (removed since release 8.0.9)

Properties that have been added:

  • mysqlx.useAsyncProtocol

Property that has its name changed:

  • com.mysql.jdbc.faultInjection.serverCharsetIndex changed to com.mysql.cj.testsuite.faultInjection.serverCharsetIndex

  • loadBalanceEnableJMX to ha.enableJMX

  • replicationEnableJMX to ha.enableJMX

Properties that have their default values changed:

  • nullCatalogMeansCurrent is now false by default Changes in the Connector/J API

This section describes the changes to the Connector/J API going from version 5.1 to 8.0. You might need to adjust your API calls accordingly:

  • The name of the class that implements java.sql.Driver in MySQL Connector/J has changed from com.mysql.jdbc.Driver to com.mysql.cj.jdbc.Driver. The old class name has been deprecated.

  • The names of these commonly-used interfaces have also been changed:

    • ExceptionInterceptor: from com.mysql.jdbc.ExceptionInterceptor to com.mysql.cj.exceptions.ExceptionInterceptor

    • StatementInterceptor: from com.mysql.jdbc.StatementInterceptorV2 to com.mysql.cj.interceptors.QueryInterceptor

    • ConnectionLifecycleInterceptor: from com.mysql.jdbc.ConnectionLifecycleInterceptor to com.mysql.cj.jdbc.interceptors.ConnectionLifecycleInterceptor

    • AuthenticationPlugin: from com.mysql.jdbc.AuthenticationPlugin to com.mysql.cj.protocol.AuthenticationPlugin

    • BalanceStrategy: from com.mysql.jdbc.BalanceStrategy to com.mysql.cj.jdbc.ha.BalanceStrategy. Changes for Build Properties

A number of Ant properties for building Connector/J from source have been renamed; see Table 4.2, “Changes with the Build Properties from Connector/J 5.1 to 8.0”

Table 4.2 Changes with the Build Properties from Connector/J 5.1 to 8.0

Old name New name
com.mysql.jdbc.extra.libs com.mysql.cj.extra.libs
distDir com.mysql.cj.dist.dir
toPackage com.mysql.cj.dist.dir.prepare
packageDest com.mysql.cj.dist.dir.package Change for Test Properties

A number of Ant properties for testing Connector/J have been renamed or removed; see Table 4.3, “Changes with the Test Properties from Connector/J 5.1 to 8.0”

Table 4.3 Changes with the Test Properties from Connector/J 5.1 to 8.0

Old name New name
junit.results com.mysql.cj.testsuite.junit.results
com.mysql.jdbc.testsuite.jvm com.mysql.cj.testsuite.jvm
test com.mysql.cj.testsuite.test.class
methods com.mysql.cj.testsuite.test.methods
com.mysql.jdbc.testsuite.url com.mysql.cj.testsuite.url
com.mysql.jdbc.testsuite.admin-url com.mysql.cj.testsuite.url.admin
com.mysql.jdbc.testsuite.ClusterUrl com.mysql.cj.testsuite.url.cluster
com.mysql.jdbc.testsuite.url.sha256default com.mysql.cj.testsuite.url.openssl
com.mysql.jdbc.testsuite.cantGrant com.mysql.cj.testsuite.cantGrant com.mysql.cj.testsuite.disable.multihost.tests
com.mysql.jdbc.test.ds.port com.mysql.cj.testsuite.ds.port
com.mysql.jdbc.test.ds.db com.mysql.cj.testsuite.ds.db
com.mysql.jdbc.test.ds.user com.mysql.cj.testsuite.ds.user
com.mysql.jdbc.test.ds.password com.mysql.cj.testsuite.ds.password
com.mysql.jdbc.test.tabletype com.mysql.cj.testsuite.loadstoreperf.tabletype
com.mysql.jdbc.testsuite.loadstoreperf.useBigResults com.mysql.cj.testsuite.loadstoreperf.useBigResults
com.mysql.jdbc.testsuite.MiniAdminTest.runShutdown com.mysql.cj.testsuite.miniAdminTest.runShutdown
com.mysql.jdbc.testsuite.noDebugOutput com.mysql.cj.testsuite.noDebugOutput
com.mysql.jdbc.testsuite.retainArtifacts com.mysql.cj.testsuite.retainArtifacts
com.mysql.jdbc.testsuite.runLongTests com.mysql.cj.testsuite.runLongTests
com.mysql.jdbc.test.ServerController.basedir com.mysql.cj.testsuite.serverController.basedir
com.mysql.jdbc.ReplicationConnection.isSlave com.mysql.cj.testsuite.replicationConnection.isSlave
com.mysql.jdbc.test.isLocalHostnameReplacement Removed
com.mysql.jdbc.testsuite.driver Removed
com.mysql.jdbc.testsuite.url.default Removed. No longer needed, as multi-JVM tests have been removed from the test suite. Changes for Exceptions

Some exceptions have been removed from Connector/J going from version 5.1 to 8.0. Applications that used to catch the removed exceptions should now catch the corresponding exceptions listed in Table 4.4 below.


Some of these Connector/J 5.1 exceptions are duplicated in the com.mysql.jdbc.exception.jdbc4 package; that is indicated by [jdbc4.] in their names in Table 4.4.

Table 4.4 Changes for Exceptions from Connector/J 5.1 to 8.0

Removed Exception in Connector/J 5.1 Exception to Catch in Connector/J 8.0
com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.CommunicationsException com.mysql.cj.jdbc.exceptions.CommunicationsException
com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.[jdbc4.]MySQLDataException java.sql.SQLDataException
com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.[jdbc4.]MySQLIntegrityConstraintViolationException java.sql.SQLIntegrityConstraintViolationException
com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.[jdbc4.]MySQLInvalidAuthorizationSpecException java.sql.SQLInvalidAuthorizationSpecException
com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.[jdbc4.]MySQLNonTransientConnectionException java.sql.SQLNonTransientConnectionException
com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.[jdbc4.]MySQLNonTransientException java.sql.SQLNonTransientException
com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.[jdbc4.]MySQLQueryInterruptedException com.mysql.cj.jdbc.exceptions.MySQLQueryInterruptedException
com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.MySQLStatementCancelledException com.mysql.cj.jdbc.exceptions.MySQLStatementCancelledException
com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.[jdbc4.]MySQLSyntaxErrorException java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException
com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.[jdbc4.]MySQLTimeoutException java.sql.SQLTimeoutException
com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.[jdbc4.]MySQLTransactionRollbackException java.sql.SQLTransactionRollbackException
com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.[jdbc4.]MySQLTransientConnectionException java.sql.SQLTransientConnectionException
com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.[jdbc4.]MySQLTransientException java.sql.SQLTransientException
com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.[jdbc4.]MySQLIntegrityConstraintViolationException java.sql.SQLIntegrityConstraintViolationException Other Changes

Here are other changes with Connector/J 8.0:

  • Removed ReplicationDriver. Instead of using a separate driver, you can now obtain a connection for a replication setup just by using the jdbc:mysql:replication:// scheme.

  • See Section 4.3, “Connector/J Installation” for third-party libraries required for Connector/J 8.0 to work.

  • Connector/J 8.0 always performs time offset adjustments on date-time values, and the adjustments require one of the following to be true:

    • The MySQL server is configured with a canonical time zone that is recognizable by Java (for example, Europe/Paris, Etc/GMT-5, UTC, etc.)

    • The server's time zone is overridden by setting the Connector/J connection property serverTimezone (for example, serverTimezone=Europe/Paris).

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