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6.1 Tutorial: An Introduction to Connector/NET Programming

This section provides a gentle introduction to programming with MySQL Connector/NET. The code example is written in C#, and is designed to work on both Microsoft .NET Framework and Mono.

This tutorial is designed to get you up and running with Connector/NET as quickly as possible, it does not go into detail on any particular topic. However, the following sections of this manual describe each of the topics introduced in this tutorial in more detail. In this tutorial you are encouraged to type in and run the code, modifying it as required for your setup.

This tutorial assumes you have MySQL and Connector/NET already installed. It also assumes that you have installed the world database sample, which can be downloaded from the MySQL Documentation page. You can also find details on how to install the database on the same page.


Before compiling the code example, make sure that you have added References to your project as required. The References required are System, System.Data and MySql.Data.