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8.7 MySql.Data.EntityFramework Namespace


Class Description
BackoffAlgorithm Represents the base class for backoff algorithms.
BackoffAlgorithmErr1040 Backoff algorithm customized for the MySQL error code 1040 - Too many connections.
BackoffAlgorithmErr1205 Backoff algorithm customized for the MySQL error code 1205 - Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction.
BackoffAlgorithmErr1213 Backoff algorithm customized for MySQL error code 1213 - Deadlock found when trying to get lock; try restarting transaction.
BackoffAlgorithmErr1614 Backoff algorithm for the MySQL error code 1614 - Transaction branch was rolled back: deadlock was detected.
BackoffAlgorithmErr2006 Backoff algorithm customized for MySQL error code 2006 - MySQL server has gone away.
BackoffAlgorithmErr2013 Backoff algorithm customized for MySQL error code 2013 - Lost connection to MySQL server during query.
BackoffAlgorithmNdb Backoff algorithm customized for MySQL Cluster (NDB) errors.
MySqlConnectionFactory Used for creating connections in Code First 4.3.
MySqlDependencyResolver Class used to resolve implementation of services.
MySqlEFConfiguration Class used to define the MySQL services used in Entity Framework.
MySqlExecutionStrategy Provided an execution strategy tailored for handling MySQL server transient errors.
MySqlHistoryContext Class used by code first migrations to read and write migration history from the database.
MySqlLogger Provides the logger class for use with Entity Framework.
MySqlManifestTokenResolver Represents a service for getting a provider manifest token given a connection.
MySqlMigrationCodeGenerator Class used to customized code generation to avoid the dbo. prefix added on table names.
MySqlMigrationSqlGenerator Implements the MySQL SQL generator for EF 4.3 data migrations.
MySqlModelCacheKey Represents a key value that uniquely identifies an Entity Framework model that has been loaded into memory.
MySqlProviderFactoryResolver Represents a service for obtaining the correct MySQL DbProviderFactory from a connection.
MySqlProviderInvariantName Defines the MySQL provider name.


Enumeration Description
OpType Represents a set of database operations.