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Chapter 8 Connector/Net for Entity Framework

Entity Framework is the name given to a set of technologies that support the development of data-oriented software applications. MySQL Connector/Net supports Entity Framework 5.x (EF5), Entity Framework 6.x (EF6), and Entity Framework Core (EF Core), which is the most recent framework available to .NET developers who work with MySQL data using .NET objects.

The following table shows the set of MySQL Connector/Net versions that support Entity Framework features.

Table 8.1 MySQL Connector/Net Versions and Entity Framework Support

Connector/Net versionEF5EF6EF Core
8.0No supportFull supportFull support in 8.0.8 and higher
7.0No supportFull supportPartial support in 7.0.4 and higher
6.10No supportFull supportEF Core 2.x: Partial support in 6.10.5 and higher

EF Core 1.x: Full support in 6.10.2 and higher; otherwise, partially supported

6.9Full supportFull supportNo support
6.8Full supportFull supportNo support

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