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8.2 MySql.Data.MySqlClient Namespace


Class Description
AuthenticationPluginConfigurationElement Retrieves the authentication plugin configuration from the configuration file.
BaseCommandInterceptor Provides a means of enhancing or replacing SQL commands through the connection string rather than recompiling.
BaseTableCache Provides a base class used for the table cache.
CharacterSet Specifies a character set.
GenericConfigurationElementCollection<T> Retrieves an element collection from the configuration file.
InterceptorConfigurationElement Class used in the configuration file to get configuration details for interceptors.
MySqlAttribute Represents a query attribute to a MySqlCommand.
MySqlAttributeCollection Represents a collection of query attributes relevant to a MySqlCommand.
MySqlBaseConnectionStringBuilder Abstract class that provides common functionality for connection options that apply for all protocols.
MySqlBulkLoader Load many rows into the database.
MySqlClientFactory Represents the DBProviderFactory implementation for MySqlClient.
MySqlClientPermission Derived from the .NET DBDataPermission class. For usage information, see Section 5.7, “Working with Partial Trust / Medium Trust”.
MySqlClientPermissionAttribute Associates a security action with a custom security attribute.
MySqlCommand Represents an SQL statement to execute against a MySQL database. This class cannot be inherited.
MySqlCommandBuilder Automatically generates single-table commands used to reconcile changes made to a data set with the associated MySQL database. This class cannot be inherited.
MySqlConfiguration Defines a configuration section that contains the information specific to MySQL.
MySqlConnection Represents an open connection to a MySQL Server database. This class cannot be inherited.
MySqlConnectionStringBuilder Defines all of the connection string options that can be used.
MySqlDataAdapter Represents a set of data commands and a database connection that are used to fill a data set and update a MySQL database. This class cannot be inherited.
MySqlDataReader Provides a means of reading a forward-only stream of rows from a MySQL database. This class cannot be inherited.
MySqlError Collection of error codes that can be returned by the server
MySqlException The exception that is thrown when MySQL returns an error. This class cannot be inherited.
MySqlHelper Helper class that makes it easier to work with the provider.
MySqlInfoMessageEventArgs Provides data for the InfoMessage event. This class cannot be inherited.
MySqlParameter Represents a parameter to a MySql.Data.MySqlClient.MySqlCommand, and optionally, its mapping to columns in a dataset. This class cannot be inherited.
MySqlParameterCollection Represents a collection of parameters relevant to a MySql.Data.MySqlClient.MySqlCommand as well as their respective mappings to columns in a dataset. This class cannot be inherited.
MySqlRowUpdatedEventArgs Provides data for the RowUpdated event. This class cannot be inherited.
MySqlRowUpdatingEventArgs Provides data for the RowUpdating event. This class cannot be inherited.
MySqlSchemaCollection Contains information about a schema.
MySqlSchemaRow Represents a row within a schema.
MySqlScript Provides a class capable of executing an SQL script containing multiple SQL statements including CREATE PROCEDURE statements that require changing the delimiter.
MySqlScriptErrorEventArgs Provides an error event argument used in MySqlScript.
MySqlScriptEventArgs Provides an event argument used in MySqlScript.
MySqlSecurityPermission Creates permission sets.
MySqlTrace Logs events in a defined listener.
MySqlTransaction Represents an SQL transaction to be made in a MySQL database. This class cannot be inherited.
ReplicationConfigurationElement Defines a replication configuration element in the configuration file.
ReplicationServerConfigurationElement Defines a replication server in the configuration file.
ReplicationServerGroupConfigurationElement Defines a replication server group in the configuration file
SchemaColumn Represents a column object within a schema.


Delegate Description
FidoActionCallback Represents the method to handle the FidoActionRequested event of a MySqlConnection.
MySqlInfoMessageEventHandler Represents the method to handle the InfoMessage event of a MySqlConnection.
MySqlRowUpdatedEventHandler Represents the method to handle the RowUpdatedevent of a MySqlDataAdapter.
MySqlRowUpdatingEventHandler Represents the method to handle the RowUpdatingevent of a MySqlDataAdapter.
MySqlScriptErrorEventHandler Represents the method to handle an error in MySqlScript.
MySqlStatementExecutedEventHandler Represents the method to be called after the execution of a statement in MySqlScript.


Enumeration Description
CloseNotification The warnings that cause a connection to close.
CompressionAlgorithms Defines the compression algorithms that can be used.
CompressionType Defines the type of compression used when data is exchanged between client and server.
KerberosAuthMode Defines the different modes that can be used for Kerberos authentication.
LockContention Defines waiting options that may be used with row locking options.
MySqlAuthenticationMode Specifies the authentication mechanism that should be used.
MySqlBulkLoaderConflictOption Defines the action to perform when a conflict is found.
MySqlBulkLoaderPriority Defines the load priority.
MySqlCertificateStoreLocation Defines the certificate store location.
MySqlConnectionProtocol Specifies the type of connection to use.
MySqlDbType Specifies the MySQL data type of a field or property for use in a MySql.Data.MySqlClient.MySqlParameter.
MySqlDriverType Specifies the connection types that are supported.
MySqlErrorCode Provides a reference to error codes returned by MySQL.
MySQLGuidFormat Specifies the stored type for a MySQL GUID data type.
MySqlSslMode Provides the SSL options for a connection.
MySqlTraceEventType Defines the log event type in MySqlTrace.
UsageAdvisorWarningFlags Defines the usage advisor warning type.