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3.1.1 Installing Connector/NET Using the Standalone Installer

You can install MySQL Connector/NET through a Windows Installer (.msi) installation package, which can install Connector/NET on supported Windows operating systems. The MSI package is a file named mysql-connector-net-version.msi, where version indicates the Connector/NET version.

To install Connector/NET:

  1. Double-click the MSI installer file, and click Next to start the installation.

  2. Choose the type of installation to perform (Typical, Custom, or Complete) and then click Next.

    • The typical installation is suitable in most cases. Click Typical and proceed to Step 5.

    • A Complete installation installs all the available files. To conduct a Complete installation, click the Complete button and proceed to step 5.

    • To customize your installation, including choosing the components to install and some installation options, click the Custom button and proceed to Step 3.

    The Connector/NET installer will register the connector within the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) - this will make the Connector/NET component available to all applications, not just those where you explicitly reference the Connector/NET component. The installer will also create the necessary links in the Start menu to the documentation and release notes.

  3. If you have chosen a custom installation, you can select the individual components to install, including the core interface component, supporting documentation options, examples, and the source code. Click Disk Usage to determine the disk-space requirements of your component choices.

    Select the items and their installation level and then click Next to continue the installation.

  4. You will be given a final opportunity to confirm the installation. Click Install to copy and install the files onto your computer. Use Back to return to the modify your component options.

  5. When prompted, click Finish to exit the MSI installer.

Unless you choose a different folder, Connector/NET is installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\MySQL\MySQL Connector Net version (the version installed). New installations do not overwrite existing versions of Connector/NET.

You may also use the /quiet or /q command-line option with the msiexec tool to install the Connector/NET package automatically (using the default options) with no notification to the user. Using this method the user cannot select options. Additionally, no prompts, messages or dialog boxes will be displayed.

C:\> msiexec /package connector-net.msi /quiet

To provide a progress bar to the user during automatic installation, use the /passive option.