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5.2.3 Using GetSchema on a Connection

The GetSchema() method of the connection object can be used to retrieve schema information about the database currently connected to. The schema information is returned in the form of a DataTable. The schema information is organized into a number of collections. Different forms of the GetSchema() method can be used depending on the information required. There are three forms of the GetSchema() method:

  • GetSchema() - This call will return a list of available collections.

  • GetSchema(String) - This call returns information about the collection named in the string parameter. If the string MetaDataCollections is used then a list of all available collections is returned. This is the same as calling GetSchema() without any parameters.

  • GetSchema(String, String[]) - In this call the first string parameter represents the collection name, and the second parameter represents a string array of restriction values. Restriction values limit the amount of data that will be returned. Restriction values are explained in more detail in the Microsoft .NET documentation.

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