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5.10.1 Fractional Seconds

MySQL Connector/NET supports the fractional seconds feature in MySQL, where the fractional seconds part of temporal values is preserved in data stored and retrieved through SQL. For fractional second handling in MySQL 5.6.4 and higher, see Fractional Seconds in Time Values.

To use the more precise date and time types, specify a value from 1 to 6 when creating the table column, for example TIME(3) or DATETIME(6), representing the number of digits of precision after the decimal point. Specifying a precision of 0 leaves the fractional part out entirely. In your C# or Visual Basic code, refer to the Millisecond member to retrieve the fractional second value from the MySqlDateTime object returned by the GetMySqlDateTime function. The DateTime object returned by the GetDateTime function also contains the fractional value, but only the first 3 digits.

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