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3.3 Installing Connector/Net from the Source Code

Source packages of Connector/Net are available for download from

The file contains the following directories:

  • Documentation: Source files to build the documentation into the compiled HTML (CHM) format for version 6.9 and earlier, code examples, collection files, and licenses for third-party components.

  • Samples: Source files for several example applications.

  • Source\MySQL.ConnectorInstaller: Source files to build the Connector/Net installer program.

  • Source\MySQL.Data: Source files for the core data provider.

  • Source\MySQL.Data.Entity: Source files for the Entity Framework.

  • Source\MySQL.Web: Source files for the web providers, including the membership/role/profile providers that are used in ASP.NET web sites.

  • Tests: Test cases for Connector/Net.

Building the Source Code on Microsoft Windows

The following procedure can be used to build the connector on Microsoft Windows.

  • Navigate to the root of the source code tree.

  • A Microsoft Visual Studio solution file named MySqlClient.sln is available to build the connector. Click this file to load the solution into Visual Studio.

    MySqlClient.sln must be compiled with VS 2008, VS 2010, or VS 2012. Also, depending on the version, the dependencies to build it include Visual Studio SDK, NUnit, Entity Framework, and ANTLR Integration for Visual Studio.

  • Select Build, Build Solution from the main menu to build the solution.

Building the Source Code on Unix

Support for building Connector/Net on Mono/Unix is not available.

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