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8.1.6 Context Sensitive Help

Select a keyword or function in your query, and after a delay, it shows formatted help information from the MySQL Server (equivalent to using the help command from the command-line MySQL Client). The next figure shows the location of the context-sensitive options.


This queries the MySQL Server for the help text, so it can be slow over a slow network

Figure 8.9 SQL Editor: Context Sensitive Help

Content is described in the surrounding text.

User Comments
  Posted by Larry Peteet on November 8, 2017
This help page doesn't mention how to "Toggle Automatic Help" which it says inside my Workbench Editor:
"Automatic context help is disabled. Use the toolbar to manually get help for the current caret position or to toggle automatic help."

Seems like this web page should tell us how to "enable" Automatic context help.


  Posted by Theodis Butler on January 16, 2018
It does mention how to enable automatic context help. See "LEFT BUTTON" above. However, I do admit that in the latest version of Workbench that I am using, I do get the same message about automatic context help is disabled. For privacy reasons, I think it is good it is disabled by default.
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