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MySQL Installer Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Installer 1.4.37 (2021-02-28)

Changes in MySQL Installer 1.4.37 (2021-02-28)

Bugs Fixed

  • With MySQL Installer 1.4.36 updated to use the new manifest, the product catalog omitted the latest MySQL products. (Bug #32455076, Bug #102455)

  • Skipped configuration of an installed server could produce the wrong steps during a subsequent upgrade. (Bug #32425659)

  • MySQL Server installations finished without prompting for server configuration. (Bug #32299500)

  • An attempted upgrade to a newer version of commercial MySQL Installer wrote an error (Could not find a part of the path ...) to the log after failing to create temporary directories for the downloaded MSI package. (Bug #30259844)

  • MySQL Shell did not start automatically when the check box to start it was selected and the server was configured as a sandbox cluster. (Bug #29206015)