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MySQL Installer Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Installer 1.4.34 (2020-05-18)

Changes in MySQL Installer 1.4.34 (2020-05-18)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • The MySQL Shell 1.0 release series is no longer included in the list of products available for installation. (Bug #31278698)

  • The MySQL Router 2.1 release series is no longer included in the list of products available for installation. (Bug #31247437)

  • Previously, MySQL Installer requested a computer reboot whenever the Windows service hosting MySQL was modified or removed. Now, unless another application is using the service, MySQL Installer omits the reboot request and performs the operations without requiring a reboot. MySQL Installer will continue to include reboot requests on behalf of standalone product MSIs. (Bug #30914429)

Bugs Fixed

  • The prerequisite for installing Connector/Python did not specify which version of Python satisfied the requirement on the local host. Now, a range of supported versions is shown during the Check Requirements step, as needed. (Bug #31339874)

  • MySQL Installer neither generated a list of allowed servers when configuring a production InnoDB Cluster that included multiple instances with public IP addresses nor did it warn about the requirement to do so. As a result, the cluster configuration failed.

    Workaround: Configure the list manually by setting the group_replication_ip_allowlist (from MySQL 8.0.22) or group_replication_ip_whitelist server variable on the source before joining an instance to the InnoDB Cluster. (Bug #31328659)

  • Some MySQL products were shown to be ready for an upgrade to version 8.0.20 before those products were released. The attempt to download them returned an error. (Bug #31201685, Bug #99313)

  • The data directory from a previously installed MySQL 5.6 or 8.0 server could not be reused by a replacement server of the same release series and version (or an earlier version). (Bug #31112294)

  • A mismatch in the recommended default recovery method, which was based on the server version, generated an error when MySQL 5.7.29 was configured to run as a sandbox InnoDB Cluster. (Bug #31069453)

  • Members of an InnoDB Cluster could not be reconfigured to run as standalone servers with MySQL Enterprise Firewall enabled. MySQL Installer now ensures that each server instance is writable after removing it from a cluster and before starting the MySQL Enterprise Firewall configuration step. (Bug #31012535)

  • An error prevented the creation of a sandbox InnoDB Cluster when MySQL 8.0.12 was the server version being configured. (Bug #31001751)

  • A duplicate server ID being set for both the seed instance of a remote InnoDB Cluster and also for a joining server instance was not permitted and the action returned an error when the configuration was applied. However, if the joining server was part of local cluster first, before it was reconfigured to join, then undoing the join and dissolving the local cluster also dissolved the remote cluster. This fix prevents the setting of duplicate server IDs by adding early validation and it provides implementation improvements that reduce the possibility of an irreversible, failed configuration. (Bug #30982389)

  • The Connector/Python product title included a version number, unlike the other MySQL connectors listed in the MySQL Installer dashboard. This fix updates the manifest to exclude the series title for Connector/Python 8.0, which was overriding the product title and causing the version number to appear in the Product column. (Bug #30963286)

  • After changing the bootstrap port for MySQL Router during the reconfiguration operation, the applied change returned an error. The fix for this issue requires an upgrade to MySQL Router 8.0.20 or later. (Bug #30908352)

    References: See also: Bug #30916395.

  • On the first use of MySQL Installer, the Check For Catalog Updates check box was deselected when the default values were applied. This fix now also selects the check box during the reset. (Bug #30133439)

  • MySQL Installer added the same Windows Firewall rule repeatedly without first deleting the previous rule (or rules) when reconfiguring a server with X Plugin enabled. Now, the reconfiguration step always deletes the existing rule first before adding the replacement rule to the revised server configuration. (Bug #28537144)