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MySQL Installer Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Installer 1.2.0 (2013-04-18)

Changes in MySQL Installer 1.2.0 (2013-04-18)

A release that includes MySQL server 5.5.31 and 5.6.11.

New features include My Oracle Support (MOS) integration, and alternative web installers that download the selected MySQL products instead of bundling them.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • My Oracle Support (MOS) is now integrated into MySQL Installer. You will now receive updates for your commercial MySQL products, and support tickets may now be submitted from within the MySQL Installer.

  • Web installers were added as an alternative to the full installers. These new installers will download the selected MySQL products instead of bundling them. Versions for both commercial and community editions of MySQL Server 5.5 and 5.6 are available.

Bugs Fixed

  • A successful return from the netsh command would not be recognized when creating firewall rules. The return code is now checked instead of validating against the string "Ok." (Bug #16338368)

  • Paths containing special escape characters, such as "\s", "\t", and "\n", would be interpreted and generate invalid paths. For example, "C:\servers\tor\56" would yield "C: ervers or\56". (Bug #16290041)

  • Some source files were missing license and/or copyright information. (Bug #16283254)

  • MySQL Installer would remove MySQL Server(s) with different licenses from the one you chose, although the data files were preserved. Instead of removing the old installation, MySQL Installer will now notify you and describe the required steps to continue on with the conversion.

    Note that it is not possible to install both commercial and community editions of MySQL Server on a single host. One license type should be chosen and used, otherwise you must first migrate the license. (Bug #16266362)

  • After creating a user with a wildcard as the host, such as 'user'@'%', a user with the same username could not be created for a different host, such as 'user'@'localhost'. (Bug #16240656)

  • An installation failed when MySQL Server was not ready to accept connections after the MYSQL56 service was started. An example scenario: if creating the databases required too much time due to slow disks. (Bug #15912543)

  • The 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the Connector/C++ connector are now defined as mutually exclusive, when before it was possible to select both versions for installation. (Bug #13951621)