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MySQL Installer Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Installer 1.4.18 (2016-11-04)

Changes in MySQL Installer 1.4.18 (2016-11-04)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Commercial Edition: Enterprise Firewall can be enable or disabled when an installed instance of MySQL server is reconfigured.

  • An option was added to launch MySQL Shell when the installation of it has finished. The new check box for this option, shown during the Installation Complete step, is selected by default.

Bugs Fixed

  • Application and connector pre-release versions could not be updated without first removing the older version. (Bug #24928568, Bug #83465)

  • MySQL servers installed with MySQL Installer returned the mysqldump: [ERROR] unknown option '--no-beep' error message when the mysqldump client utility was invoked. This fix relocates the no-beep option entry within the my.ini file. (Bug #24848000, Bug #83334)

  • With MySQL 8.0 installed on a system, MySQL Installer was unable to add MySQL 5.7 on the same system to run in parallel. (Bug #24340901)

  • Commercial Edition: When installing, deleting, and then reinstalling the same version of MySQL server without removing the data path, Enterprise Firewall was not enabled properly and the installation failed. (Bug #22184368)

  • The default time of the automatic catalog update was changed from 12:00 a.m. to the current time when MySQL Installer was installed or updated. (Bug #20662451)