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MySQL Installer Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Installer 1.3.2 (2013-07-12)

Changes in MySQL Installer 1.3.2 (2013-07-12)

A release that includes MySQL server 5.5.32 and 5.6.12.

The bundled MySQL Notifier is now 1.1.4 instead of 1.0.3.

Bugs Fixed

  • My Oracle Support (MOS) passwords with special characters, such as a "+", were not escaped properly which caused MOS authentication to fail when attempting to install commercial products. And failed login attempts are now logged, for debugging purposes. (Bug #16724465)

  • The upgrade process would replace a custom installation path with the default path. The installation directory is now stored in the registry, and is passed to the Installer during an upgrade. (Bug #16723442, Bug #16783415, Bug #69061, Bug #69060)

  • The MySQL server 5.7.x installer did not provide a data migration option. (Bug #16663856)

  • The Installer would remember custom paths from previous installations, which would sometimes interfere with new installations. (Bug #16425173)

  • Attempting to execute MySQL Installer while passing in the "/a" parameter with msiexec would cause the installer to fail with an unhandled exception. This is because the installer does not support the administration sequence, and instead only the install sequence ("/i") is supported. The user is now notified of this whenever attempting to pass in "/a". (Bug #16293188)

  • MySQL for Excel failed to install on systems with Microsoft Office 2013, as MySQL Installer failed to detect Excel 2013 as a valid prerequisite. (Bug #16293188)

  • The Installer would attempt to create a configuration file when the defined data directory did not exist. (Bug #16207721)

  • If INSTALLLOCATION is passed in while executing the Installer, it will be used as the base directory for all binaries and data files that the Installer installs. And when INSTALLLOCATION is used, uninstalling the Installer will no longer remove files from the ProgramFiles and AppData directories. (Bug #16068507)

  • The Installer would not detect VSTO, so would fail to install MySQL for Excel on systems that relied upon VSTO. (Bug #15912606)