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MySQL Installer Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Installer 1.4.36 (2020-11-26)

Changes in MySQL Installer 1.4.36 (2020-11-26)

Known limitation: If MySQL 8.0.23 products are not available for installation after the product catalog within MySQL Installer has been updated, select Add or remove programs from Windows system settings to uninstall the current version of MySQL Installer and then install the latest version from

Known limitation: If the Product Configuration page does not follow a successful server installation, click the Reconfigure quick action on the dashboard to start the initial configuration.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Defaults set by MySQL Installer for the innodb_buffer_pool_size, table_open_cache, and max_allowed_packet variables were resized to align with the server default values. (Bug #31964555, Bug #91081)

  • This release introduces a redesigned product manifest that MySQL Installer attempts to download when it first starts. MySQL Installer continues the attempt with each startup until the download is successful. An unsuccessful download of the new manifest reduces the installation and configuration of MySQL products to the current bundle only.

    In addition, the automatic catalog update feature has a new default cycle of seven days to download the catalog (with the most recent manifest) when MySQL Installer starts and enough days have passed since the last check. Previously, the automatic update cycle was performed daily at a specified hour and it depended on the creation of a schedule task. The new automatic cycle (in days) is configurable. As part of this change, web packages no longer contain a manifest. If the automatic download is unsuccessful, an error is logged and only those products in Product Cache folder already are available to select for installation or configuration.

    Lastly, this release splits the Select Products and Features page into two separate pages: Select Products and Select Features, which is optional. The Select Features page is enabled by selecting a check box on the Select Products page during a product installation.

Bugs Fixed

  • Clicking the Retry control during a valid remove-product operation performed no action. (Bug #32010447)

  • MySQL Installer permitted product features to be modified when the product MSI file did not support the action. Modifying or removing an essential feature with MySQL Installer could disrupt the expected operation of the MSI file. (Bug #30836109)

  • MySQL Installer attempted to execute the Windows Firewall Rules step when there were no rules to remove for the server being uninstalled. (Bug #30165854)

  • MySQL Shell shut down unexpectedly after a successful automatic startup. (Bug #29339047)

  • Previously, MySQL Installer created a scheduled task to updated the product catalog without seeking user input. The new behavior performs an automatic catalog update that is based on a configurable cycle of time and it runs during the MySQL Installer startup only. The automatic catalog update can be disabled. (Bug #21342584)