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MySQL 8.4 Reference Manual  /  Using MySQL as a Document Store  /  Python Quick-Start Guide: MySQL Shell for Document Store

22.4 Python Quick-Start Guide: MySQL Shell for Document Store

This quick-start guide provides instructions to begin prototyping document store applications interactively with MySQL Shell. The guide includes the following topics:

  • Introduction to MySQL functionality, MySQL Shell, and the world_x example schema.

  • Operations to manage collections and documents.

  • Operations to manage relational tables.

  • Operations that apply to documents within tables.

To follow this quick-start guide you need a MySQL server with X Plugin installed, the default in 8.4, and MySQL Shell to use as the client. MySQL Shell includes X DevAPI, implemented in both JavaScript and Python, which enables you to connect to the MySQL server instance using X Protocol and use the server as a Document Store.

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