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14.4.12 Temporary Tablespace

The temporary tablespace is used for non-compressed InnoDB temporary tables and related objects. The innodb_temp_data_file_path configuration option defines a relative path for the temporary tablespace data file. If innodb_temp_data_file_path is not defined, a single auto-extending 12MB data file named ibtmp1 is created in the data directory. The temporary tablespace is recreated on each server start and receives a dynamically generated space ID, which helps avoid conflicts with existing space IDs. The temporary tablespace cannot reside on a raw device. Startup is refused if the temporary tablespace cannot be created.

The temporary tablespace is removed on normal shutdown or on an aborted initialization. The temporary tablespace is not removed when a crash occurs. In this case, the database administrator may remove the temporary tablespace manually or restart the server with the same configuration, which removes and recreates the temporary tablespace.

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