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10.11.13 The replication_group_member_actions Table

This table lists the member actions that are included in the member actions configuration for replication group members. The table is available only when Group Replication is installed. You can reset the member actions configuration using the group_replication_reset_member_actions() function. For more information, see Configuring Member Actions.

The replication_group_member_actions table has these columns:

  • NAME

    The name of the member action.


    The event that triggers the member action.


    Whether the member action is currently enabled. Member actions can be enabled using the group_replication_enable_member_action() function and disabled using the group_replication_disable_member_action() function.

  • TYPE

    The type of member action. INTERNAL is an action that is provided by the Group Replication plugin.


    The priority of the member action. Actions with lower priority values are actioned first.


    The action that Group Replication takes if an error occurs when the member action is being carried out. IGNORE means that an error message is logged to say that the member action failed, but no further action is taken. CRITICAL means that the member moves into ERROR state, and takes the action specified by the group_replication_exit_state_action system variable.

The replication_group_member_actions table has no indexes.

TRUNCATE TABLE is not permitted for the replication_group_member_actions table.