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10.21.4 The innodb_redo_log_files Table

The innodb_redo_log_files table contains a row for each active InnoDB redo log file. This table was introduced in MySQL 8.0.30.

The innodb_redo_log_files table has the following columns:


    The ID of the redo log file. The value corresponds to the redo log file number.


    The path and file name of the redo log file.


    The log sequence number of the first block in the redo log file.


    The log sequence number after the last block in the redo log file.


    The size of the redo log data in the file, in bytes. Data size is measured from the END_LSN to the start >START_LSN. The redo log file size on disk is slightly larger due to the file header (2048 bytes), which is not included in the value reported by this column.


    Whether the redo log file is full. A value of 0 indicates that free space in the file. A value of 1 indicates that the file is full.


    Reserved for future use.