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MySQL Performance Schema  /  ...  /  The replication_applier_configuration Table

10.11.4 The replication_applier_configuration Table

This table shows the configuration parameters that affect transactions applied by the replica. Parameters stored in the table can be changed at runtime with the CHANGE MASTER TO statement, as indicated in the column descriptions.

The replication_applier_configuration table has these columns:


    The replication channel which this row is displaying. There is always a default replication channel, and more replication channels can be added. See Replication Channels for more information.


    The number of seconds that the replica must lag the source. (CHANGE MASTER TO option: MASTER_DELAY) See Delayed Replication for more information.


    The user account that provides the security context for the channel (CHANGE MASTER TO option: PRIVILEGE_CHECKS_USER). This is escaped so that it can be copied into an SQL statement to execute individual transactions. See Replication Privilege Checks for more information.


    Whether the channel accepts only row-based events (CHANGE MASTER TO option: REQUIRE_ROW_FORMAT). See Replication Privilege Checks for more information.


    Whether the channel requires primary keys always, never, or according to the source's setting (CHANGE MASTER TO option: REQUIRE_TABLE_PRIMARY_KEY_CHECK). See Replication Privilege Checks for more information.

The replication_applier_configuration table has these indexes:

  • Primary key on (CHANNEL_NAME)

TRUNCATE TABLE is not permitted for the replication_applier_configuration table.

The following table shows the correspondence between replication_applier_configuration columns and SHOW REPLICA | SLAVE STATUS columns.

replication_applier_configuration Column SHOW REPLICA | SLAVE STATUS Column