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The MySQLCursorBufferedRaw class inherits from MySQLCursor.

A MySQLCursorBufferedRaw cursor is like a MySQLCursorRaw cursor, but is buffered: After executing a query, it fetches the entire result set from the server and buffers the rows. For information about the implications of buffering, see Section, “cursor.MySQLCursorBuffered Class”.

To create a buffered raw cursor, use the raw and buffered arguments when calling a connection's cursor() method. Alternatively, to make all cursors created from the connection raw and buffered by default, use the raw and buffered connection arguments.


import mysql.connector
cnx = mysql.connector.connect()
# Only this particular cursor will be raw and buffered
cursor = cnx.cursor(raw=True, buffered=True)
# All cursors created from cnx2 will be raw and buffered by default
cnx2 = mysql.connector.connect(raw=True, buffered=True)

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