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6.6.1 Tutorial: Raise Employee's Salary Using a Buffered Cursor

The following example script gives a long-overdue 15% raise effective tomorrow to all employees who joined in the year 2000 and are still with the company.

To iterate through the selected employees, we use buffered cursors. (A buffered cursor fetches and buffers the rows of a result set after executing a query; see Section, “cursor.MySQLCursorBuffered Class”.) This way, it is unnecessary to fetch the rows in a new variables. Instead, the cursor can be used as an iterator.


This script is an example; there are other ways of doing this simple task.

from __future__ import print_function
from decimal import Decimal
from datetime import datetime, date, timedelta
import mysql.connector
# Connect with the MySQL Server
cnx = mysql.connector.connect(user='scott', database='employees')
# Get two buffered cursors
curA = cnx.cursor(buffered=True)
curB = cnx.cursor(buffered=True)
# Query to get employees who joined in a period defined by two dates
query = (
  "SELECT s.emp_no, salary, from_date, to_date FROM employees AS e "
  "LEFT JOIN salaries AS s USING (emp_no) "
  "WHERE to_date = DATE('9999-01-01')"
  "AND e.hire_date BETWEEN DATE(%s) AND DATE(%s)")
# UPDATE and INSERT statements for the old and new salary
update_old_salary = (
  "UPDATE salaries SET to_date = %s "
  "WHERE emp_no = %s AND from_date = %s")
insert_new_salary = (
  "INSERT INTO salaries (emp_no, from_date, to_date, salary) "
  "VALUES (%s, %s, %s, %s)")
# Select the employees getting a raise
curA.execute(query, (date(2000, 1, 1), date(2000, 12, 31)))
# Iterate through the result of curA
for (emp_no, salary, from_date, to_date) in curA:
  # Update the old and insert the new salary
  new_salary = int(round(salary * Decimal('1.15')))
  curB.execute(update_old_salary, (tomorrow, emp_no, from_date))
               (emp_no, tomorrow, date(9999, 1, 1,), new_salary))
  # Commit the changes