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cnx.reset_session(user_variables = None, session_variables = None)

Resets the connection by reauthenticating to clear the session state. user_variables, if given, is a dictionary of user variable names and values. session_variables, if given, is a dictionary of system variable names and values. The method sets each variable to the given value.


user_variables = {'var1': '1', 'var2': '10'}
session_variables = {'wait_timeout': 100000, 'sql_mode': 'TRADITIONAL'}
self.cnx.reset_session(user_variables, session_variables)

This method resets the session state by reauthenticating. For MySQL servers 5.7 or higher, the cmd_reset_connection() method is a more lightweight alternative.

This method was added in Connector/Python 1.2.1.